Thursday, March 23, 2017

Best vegetarian restaurants Toronto

The very best vegetarian restaurants in Toronto continue to get better and better. Offerings go beyond mock meat, rice and quinoa bowls have evolved and become more extensive and now virtually everything gets paired with a smoothie or cold pressed juice.

Live Organic Food Bar (Dupont)

The original organic and raw eatery on Dupont at Bathurst is so popular it sprouted a line of grocery store products, in addition to a satellite place in Liberty Village. Menu standouts include mung bean pancakes and manicotti stuffed with cashew dill 'ricotta".

Urban Herbivore

Plant-based sandwiches and salads are among the specialties only at that lunch counter with places in the Eaton Centre food court and Kensington Market. Additionally locate creamy pureed soups, juices that are pressed, and fresh baked goods.

Hibiscus Cafe

The Kensington Market stalwart is a family owned and operated cafe known for gluten-free, all-natural vegetarian fare. The menu boasts crowd pleasers like vegan ice creams and buckwheat crepes, soups, salads.

Bolt Fresh Bar

This chance takeout counter on West Queen West sells juices, smoothies, salads and grain cartons. The acai bowls certainly are a standout on the menu - they are more like an acai parfait, layered with crunchy granola, yogurt and fresh fruit.

Spark Fresh Bar

At first, the Discharge of Bloorcourt seems to be your typical indie cafe. Along with espresso drinks you will find-above average food choices, including a completely vegetarian roster of grain cartons and tacos, sandwiches, salads.

Hogtown Vegan

Veganism need not be interchangeable with eating that is clean - sometimes greasy brunch foods, filthy plates of nachos or unchicken are called for by cravings and waffles. That is precisely where this Bloordale eatery shines, and to boot, there is lots of cocktails and beer.

Kupfert & Kim

What began as an individual vegan, gluten free lunch counter in the TRAIL has blossomed into a favorite multi-location chain of eateries. The bunch faves will be the grain bowls, burgers and tacos, although menus vary by place.


The vegetarian eatery on College Street serves up a comprehensive variety of meat-free foods. Nibble on bites like chick un- love hearty entrees like banh mi chili bowls, or hamburgers, or nuggets.

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